Tented Expeditions


A variety of activities and experiences

Walking Safaris

Zimbabwe offer’s some of the best walking safari options on the African continent.  All our walks will be led by a well-qualified and experienced walking guide. Possibly the best way to truly understand and experience Africa and its wildlife, a safari on foot opens one’s eyes to so many new and vivid experiences.


Vehicle Safaris

Our private mobile camp will have its own game drive vehicle and this will always be an option as an activity. Normally these drives are early morning or afternoon affair. This also allows for guests to cover and see more of an area but is also a great option to combine with some walking.


Rhino Tracking

There is nothing quite like following spoor with a seasoned and experienced Tracker and Guide team, all ones sense are awakened and in tune with the surrounds! Tracking Rhino on foot is one of the most exhilarating experiences for both a guide and guests. Heading out of camp in the early morning and cutting spoor, approaching using the wind and ones senses is a true test and challenge!

Both species of Rhino occur in good numbers in the Savé Valley Conservancy and years of intense protection have seen an increase in their numbers. The more docile White Rhino can sometimes be seen by vehicle but the Black Rhino is more secretive and definitely more cantankerous, known for its more reclusive habits. The Rhino of the Save Valley and the Chapungu area are protected by the Special Species Protection Unit and one of the options we offer as an extra activity is a half day experience with these highly trained teams.


Birding and Specialist Interest Safaris

The Savé Valley offers a unique diversity of birdlife commensurate with the different vegetation zones and areas that fall within the region. Black Eagle can be found and their nesting sites, a wide and good number of Vultures and other birds of prey. The Save River with its thick and dense riverine habitat offers excellent area to bird as do the numerous inland pans, adorned during the year with many different waterbirds and waterfowl.  In addition to the birding specific trips, we are able to plan and put together unique safaris through TE  and our travel partners that are focused on many different and  special interests such as the “Painted Wolves” and “Family Journeys”. Even photographic workshops with some of the best wildlife photographers in the business. The privacy and exclusivity of this area also allow us to offer a true walking experience  and foot safari, without hinder and interruption from vehicles and tourists. Such experiences are becoming extremely difficult to find nowadays.


Family Travel

Our camp is geared up to accommodate family groups.


Community and Conservation

Day trips can be arranged to the surrounding areas and communities offering a very unique insight into daily village life of many rural Zimbabwean people. There are a number of projects supported by the numerous concessions within the Save Valley Conservancy. From schooling and education to supporting sustainable projects, there is a fascinating and unusual insight offered on this excursion.  These trips are an additional cost.