Tented Expeditions

Save Valley Conservancy

We look forward to sharing our little piece of Africa with you

The Savé Valley Conservancy experience with Tented Expeditions offers guests something unique and special. It is a piece of Africa that has not been damaged by large numbers of tourists and visitors. The Sango concession and Chapungu block where we have located our camp offers an amazing diversity and density of wildlife, interesting scenery and landscape - without doubt some of the most exciting walking safari country in Africa.

The Savé Valley is a photographic-only area and lends itself perfectly to a private and exclusive wilderness experience. Our private tented camp is situated on the banks of the Msaise River, a seasonal river that flows sporadically during the rainy season. At the other times of the year there is water close to the surface and the elephant bulls that love this area are frequently digging for fresh water in the sand in front of the camp. This section of the Msasie River has some wonderful riverine forest and beautiful old shade trees. Albida trees can be found at regular intervals along the river and some ancient Baobab trees can be found close to camp. The thickets provide refuge for a number of species, including Rhino and Elephant.

When the pods are ready and fall from the Albida trees, many different species can be found in and along the sand river near camp, including Impala, Kudu and Eland. Troops of baboon frequent the area and are very entertaining, foraging and playing in the sand, ever wary though of the numerous predators that move in and around Chapungu. The Magwe pan is less than a five minute walk from camp and another source of water for the game in the dry season.

When one leaves the camp/riverine area and travel towards the Savé River, the floodplains accommodate good numbers of Zebra, Giraffe and Wildebeest.Both Lion and Leopard occur in good numbers here. The African Hunting Dogs are part of an ongoing research project and although their ranges are large and widespread in the Savé Valley, thelast few years have seen them denning in the Chapungu area not far from our camp site. Nights are special - there is nothing quite like the deep and resonating call of the lions, many a night we have been kept awake with the roars of the male lions as they move through the area and recently a lioness has given birth to cubs nearby.

At present the filmmaker Kim Wolhuter is working on anew project in the area and he is often seen filming and exploring at night along the Msasie andSavé Rivers. There is also the opportunity to see both species of Rhino and to track these on foot.   Game drives in our specially designed 4 x 4 with evening drives too. Optional extra activities are joining the ‘Special Species Protection Unit’ for a half day learning experience or even a visit to some of the communities that surround the Savé Valley.

The Chapungu area extends all the way to the magnificent Savé River with its spectacular scenery, riverine forest and islands. Definitely some of the best walking safari country in Zimbabwe,especially as the year dries out and we are able to access the islands, crossing the shallow channels searching for adventure and challenge. Waterbuck can be seen here, the secretive bushbuck and the larger breeding herds of elephant spend the dry months among these islands and crocodiles bask on the sand banks near the deeper channels.

Another secretive resident in the thicker riverine belt is the Nyala, another of the ‘spiral horned’ antelope family! For the keen and enthusiastic birder, the Savé Valley offers so much - from the diversity of the larger birds of prey to the smaller riverine species and then to the numerous water birds in and around the river systems and pans.

Tented Expeditions have decided not to compete with the modern day trend in camps and lodges; we have taken the decision to go back to what safaris really means…the real essence of our product is a journey where one can immerse one’s self and one’s senses in an Africa of a bygone time period. Camp has a very unique, classic style and feel.

The many special touches and attention to detail are an essential part of this. We are a small family owned and run operation with a carefully selected team of amazing people. Some of the best guiding and companionship, superb walking, tracking and adventure, an opportunity to truly experience our exclusive hospitality.

Our formula is based on these simple essentials great location, a small private tented camp, comfortable accommodation, good food and a selection of good wines and drinks, great guiding…. lasting friendships and a place where special memories will be made.